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Arrels Fundació

Baraúna - RN | Direitos Humanos

Arrels Fundació

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Equipe Arrels Fundació

Equipe Arrels Fundació

Arrels’ team is composed of volunteers, people who are living or have lived on the street, and a working team that guarantees the organization’s functionality. Currently, around 400 volunteers dedicate at least one morning or one evening a week to collaborate in the different services and departments of the organization. Arrels is a volunteer organization and without the volunteer team, we would not be able to open the doors. Become a volunteer. About thirty people who are living or have lived on the street participate in maintenance and logistics tasks, give talks on homelessness to sensibilize young people, collaborate doing courier’s tasks or in the Open Day Center’s wardrobe, etc. The working team is composed of 68 people: educators, social workers, lawyers, nurses, communications professionals, computer experts, experts in financing, maintenance and logistics technicians, etc. Areas of action Direct care This accounts for 77% of Arrels’ budget. First reception team The street team walks around Barcelona’s streets getting in touch with homeless people and establishing a first contact with them. Once they arrive at the center, homeless people can receive first care. They can receive some orientation, accompaniment and essential services such as showers, our wardrobe, pharmacy, cloakroom, and mail receiving facility. Individual support team They look after people linked with the organization in an individualized way. They work so that people can have their essential needs filled and find decent housing. Our goal is to strengthen people’s autonomy. Workshop team: La Troballa They work alongside other workshop participants to improve coexistence, recovering old habits and creating home-made products. Pere Barnés home team They give a residential space to homeless people and to those in poor health, with the goal that they can recover mentally and physically. Hospital team They give logistical and practical support to people who are linked to the organization where they are registered. They are also concerned with relocation once they recover from their their hospitalisation. Residence team They accompany people who have been assisted by Arrels so they can have access to a proper home according to their needs to make their settlement easier. Juridical care team They give advice and deal to people who are linked to the entity, denounce cases of discrimination or violence, revise the rules related to homeless people and manages the legal aspects of the entity. Psychological support team They provide individual and group therapy for people who live or have lived on the street and who are linked to the organization. Concierge team It offers support to the different spaces of the entity guaranteeing the reception and safety of people.

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